This course is designed to take you from feeling defeated, like giving up, and burnt out in love, to feeling empowered, strong, motivated, unstoppable, like a queen or king, and FINALLY ready to manifest the love you’ve dreamed of and are destined to experience forever! 

Let me start off by saying I have been there. I had struggled with love for YEARS! I was riddled with limiting beliefs and triggers that caused a lot of chaos in my love life. I was really good at manifesting love into my life but equally as good at manifesting that love right the heck out of my life. It was FRUSTRATING, to say the least. 

I read every book, studied every teacher, watched all the videos, bought what they were all selling, hook line, and sinker, however, I just couldn’t grasp what to do to finally change my reality. 

It wasn’t until I FINALLY learned how to shift my self-concept by reprogramming my subconscious mind, revising my past, and stepping into my new state of mind that is the woman who has it all. The woman who is blissfully married and thriving in all areas of her life. 

I spent months and months reading everything I could from the great Neville Goddard (my favorite manifesting teacher) and diving into his work. I stopped reading other interpretations of Neville and went right to the source. His work is pure and simple once you open your mind and allow for the information to absorb. His work CHANGED my life for good!

I started applying his work day and night to my life and I saw things transform before my eyes. I saw my self-concept evolve and blossom into this new radiant goddess that I wanted to become. 

I healed my past. I revised my childhood trauma. I changed my beliefs. I empowered myself. I became a new woman and in doing so, my love life finally shifted and transformed. I called my love back to me once and for all, permanently. 

I recreated myself and our relationship in a way that served both of us. When I did this, within a month, we were back together and engaged. And we just got married in our dream location!

My whole life has changed in a short amount of time by applying the principles I learned from Neville as well as the new ones I have created myself. 

I am a master at manifesting love. I know exactly what it takes to create the perfect love in your life. I have helped thousands of people transform their reality into something wonderful and fruitful. I fully expect everyone I work with to have success. It is the concept I hold dear to my heart and because of that, my assumptions are hardening into fact and I am seeing success everywhere within my groups. 

  • If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and getting hot and cold behavior, this course is for you.

  • If you’re tired of getting bread crumbs from your specific person, this course is for you.

  • If you’re tired of being triggered all the time and not feeling emotionally stable, this course is for you.

  • If you’re tired of wondering when they will come back, this course is for you.

  • If you’re tired of wasting hours on youtube, looking for answers, this course is for you.

  • If you’re ready to level up and become the Queen or King you’re destined to be, this course is for you. 

  • If you’re ready to once and for all, embody the state of the person who has it all, this course is for you. 

If you want to finally have the love you deserve, this course is FOR YOU.

I have made this SO simple for you. 

This course includes 21 AMAZING videos that will walk you step by step on what to do. There is no fluff or frills, just “meat, and potatoes” in these videos. I get right to the point and break it down so you can fully understand the steps. These videos are exclusive to this course and won’t be found in any of my Facebook groups or social media platforms. $1000 value! 

You receive the MOST beautiful 53 page guided workbook that is printable and has so many pages for you to fill out. This workbook is unlike any of the ones you will find online. I have poured my heart and soul into it, creating so many amazing pieces of content in one book. The book includes so many amazing worksheets and templates for you to use and print out plus my teachings in written format. It’s truly one of a kind! $300 value! 

You will have access to my very detailed and thought out 3-month manifesting calendar and daily course planner to help keep you on track. That’s 90 days of incredible pieces of manifesting advice in one document! Following this calendar alone will change your life! You can print it out and save it for life! $150 value!!

I have included  2 incredible guided visualizations for marriage and self-love!! The visualizations will help get you into the right frame of mind and allow you to see your desires more clearly! They will take you deep into your subconscious mind, helping to reprogram your beliefs and change your reality quickly and effectively! $40 value! 

Also, you will get to pick any 2 guided meditations on my website for FREE! These are the best meditations on the market for changing your beliefs and shifting your self-concept. I have several for love, money, body, and self-concept. I have hundreds of testimonials about the changes people have seen from using my guided meditations. $60 value! 

You will get full access to my VIP Facebook group for 6 months!! 

This group is ONE OF A KIND!! I have SO many success stories coming out of this paid group every day! Getting access to this group for 6 months is a $350 value! 

Here are a few of the benefits!

1. Exclusive access to me, my team, and my coaching advice on an even more personal level

2. Participate in weekly exclusive manifesting challenges

3. Weekly group manifesting for each other where we come together and visualize for each other as a whole, making your manifestations even more powerful.

4. Exclusive savings, premiere events, and videos.

5. Weekly live videos with special training.

6. Monthly live Zoom "Wine and manifesting night" or whatever drink you want.

7. Daily accountability, checklists, custom wallpapers AND so much more!

This is not a group you want to miss out on being a part of! It is a family of fellow manifesting Queens and Kings! 


A total value of $2160!!


The amazing topics we will cover!!



1. Self Love

This Video will break down the reasons why self-love is KEY for manifesting and how understanding what self-love really means, will help you manifest quicker. 


2. Reprogramming Subconscious 

This video explains the reason that reprogramming your subconscious mind is imperative to finally be free of limiting beliefs and triggers. 


3. Imagination creates reality

Here we discuss how your imagination creates your reality and how to use it to your advantage.

4. mental diet

Mental diet is the most important diet you will ever go on. This is all about how to keep your mind right while manifesting. 


5. Daily routine

Having a solid daily routine will help you stay on track and get into good habits to manifest easier and live a more full life. 


6. Scripting

I love scripting!! I have a different way of scripting than most teachers and I believe it is the MOST effective way. 


7. Afformations

Afformations are a bit different than traditional affirmations and I will explain the benefit of them and how I have used these to manifest so much faster!


8. Recreate someone

I love this topic! Recreating someone is something that I have created to help change yourself and others. It's fun and so exciting to see changes in others and yourself from these techniques. 


9. Circumstances don't matter

Circumstances never matter but almost everyone believes they do and In this video, I explain how they do not matter and how to use them to your advantage. 


10. Masculine and feminine energy

Everyone holds a masculine or feminine core (regardless of gender) which is important to understand when dealing with love and manifesting. I teach you how to balance this energy so you are leading with the proper energy.


11. Removing a 3rd party

One of the most asked questions I get is about removing a 3rd party from your relationship. Here I talk about the importance of reimaging your situation differently and how to effectively release this block.


12. Being a victim

It is time to stop being a victim in your life and take responsibility as a conscious creator. When we do this, we take back the power we have given away to other people and circumstances. 


13. Dealing with emotions properly

Everyone gets upset or overly emotional however we aren’t meant to wallow in these emotions all the time. We aren’t taught how to effectively deal with them as they arise so this video will empower you to experience your emotion in a much healthier way. 


14. Triggers

Everyone has triggers, but I teach you how to deal with them and shift them into power instead of limitation. 


15. Signs and syncs 

Signs can mean so many things, however, I teach you how to use them to your advantage and decipher what they REALLY mean. 


16. Free will

Here we will break down the truth about free will and how this applies to manifesting and it is probably not what you think, it is so much better! 


17. Karma

The “spiritual” community has twisted this old idea and made it something it’s not. I will explain easily how Karma isn’t real and how that applies to manifesting. 


18. Time delays

The dreaded time delay! I teach you how time delays aren’t what you have been told before and how these “Delays” are just a matter of perspective. I will also show you how to manifest QUICKER! 


19. How to let go

“Letting go” is not what you think. I do not teach you to think of your person once and forget them or else they won’t return. That is ludicrous and has the opposite effect. Letting go means so much more and it makes way more sense when I explain it. 


20.  Law of assumption

Quite possibly the most powerful law in the universe related to manifesting. I will show you how to use this law to its fullest and re-assume your whole life, changing all the circumstances, and manifesting the greatest life possible! 


21. Self-concept 

The MOST important aspect of manifesting is self-concept. I will teach you the truths about self-concept and how to harness your beliefs to your greatest advantage. As Neville Goddard says, There is no one to change but self. 


This is the only course you will ever need to manifest love. The techniques I teach you will translate over into more than just love. They will change the whole trajectory of your life if you apply them and commit to yourself. 

Change happens when we fully submit to the idea that our old beliefs are not serving us and it’s time to move into the realm of new possibilities. 

I would be honored to help get you there. I have so many amazing resources for you to utilize alongside this course, such as a free Facebook community and a paid VIP Facebook group, that feels more like a family of other powerful manifesting Queens and Kings. 

I understand making a choice like this, to begin this journey can feel overwhelming and intimidating, but I promise I have made it simple and easy to follow. I created a course, that I would have loved taking had one like this been available when I was learning. 

I can’t stand it when I am trying to learn something new, and the content is jumbled and confusing or filled with a million sales pitches built-in. I want straight to the point answers, and I believe this course provides that 100%! In fact, I am so sure that if you follow my course and really do the work, you will be successful and if not, I will refund you your money within 7 days of your purchase. You have nothing to lose but limiting beliefs!! 

You are absolutely destined to have the same mind-blowing love that I have. It is closer than you think too! I believe in you. I love you, and I know you can do it! 

Here are a few of my testimonials from clients who’ve worked with me in a private setting or apart of my VIP group

I have had a totally life-changing experience in the past couple of weeks. It started with me having an energy reading session which was magnificent!  I would definitely recommend this!  I then bought the Love course which solidified everything that I have been learning. Since then, my Sp literally has not left my side.  He has proclaimed his love for me and sleeps in the bed next to me every night.  Every time he states that he’s going to do something that part of our old story I literally just go and do mirror work or I would do the recreate someone meditation and within hours, that story has changed.  I definitely recommend the love course or anything on the website.  We have the power to create our reality. Thank you, Candace!! I am forever grateful!! 

~Irene B. 

Self-concept is so important. This week I have been so good with not spiraling, I have not shared one old story as it does not exist. This morning I had one of the most intense energy readings with Candace Charee and wow talk about the kick I needed. Make sure your self-concept is so damn high so those little thoughts don’t creep back in. I spent a good 5 minutes in tears after the reading as I condemned my SP to a state and I need to stop. Watch this space I will turn this around and it’s happening this WEEK. Because I said so. My SP is so worthy of me, he is so in love with me. I am his girl. It’s done. Let’s affirm together x Candace you truly are the best friend we all need!

~Jade S.

Hi everyone, I preordered the other day & just had an opportunity to view the manifesting-love course and it is beautiful!! The pages are delightfully designed and put together with love. Each section is an in-depth exercise of her teachings based on Neville. I can tell that doing these within the VIP group will make it feel like a deep-dive, next-level experience & I’m looking forward to getting started since I thrive in a class-type setting & enjoy the sharing of ideas amongst peers. I’ll be first in line tomorrow morning @ Staples to color-print this wonderful workbook! Thank u, Candace Charee, for working so hard to put this together for us & the videos. I can’t wait to feel amazing seeing everybody’s successes & sharing mine. 💓🎉♥️

~Lis B.

Wow, wow, WOW!

Today I had my first private session with Candace and holy crap! Haha

it’s so powerful and amazing!

Like the smile, I had on my face as she was walking me through several different new memories, plus the happy tears I had during was unreal! She fully puts you into the moment in a way that you truly leap into that reality! 🤯😍

Originally I was nervous for this month (December), but now I am calm and seriously happy as all get out. Because I have it all, I am the man who has it all!

It is done

It is done

It is DONE!😍

I highly highly recommend for anyone who hasn’t (or even if you have) to book a session with Candace right away!

~Austin W. 


Today was AMAZING!  I was so blessed to have an enlightening conversation with Candace Charee' from Effortless Manifesting.  Little did she know her message brought tears of joy to not only my eyes but to my heart. Candace spoke volumes to my heart.   She was totally transparent while providing me with valuable information that will play a vital role in the future of my life. Thank you so much, Candace. I appreciate your energy and your knowledge. As I told you, it was defiantly a pleasure and I will be joining the VIP group tonight as I can't wait to be a part of the tremendous manifesting community.  Candace I need your help, we need you.

~Deborah F. 


If you aren’t in the VIP group firstly why the hell not? And secondly, if you want your manifestation quicker/faster/stronger get your little butts over there.

2 weeks since I signed up on opening day 🙌 and my manifestations are coming in so damn quick including, money, SP, health, manifestations for others. Think of the support and content you get here and multiple it 10 times over and more.

I mean we are talking less than the cost of a cup of coffee daily... what price would you put on the knowledge that you can have ANYTHING I mean ANYTHING you want for the rest of your life.

I have just hit my moment of pure bliss knowing I never need to worry about anything ever again because everything always works out the way I want it to.

If you are thinking of investing in your future, the VIP group should absolutely be the first thing you choose.

The live group manifestation last night was incredible, everyone’s energy was on 🔥 and yes some of us even did it at 1am or 2am our local time it was that worth it .

~Tasha D. 

I have hundreds of testimonials in my Facebook groups that you can see as well as on my website. 


$15 off any coaching session with the purchase of this course. 

$10 off any meditation with the purchase of this course

Why work with me? 

I am an innovative mindset/manifesting/

trauma coach. I created Neurocognitive Reprogramming, a method of reprogramming limiting beliefs and past trauma.  I know how to manifest effortlessly and do so daily. I have been coaching individuals for many years. My professional background was in film, music, and entertainment so I have a great understanding of the 3D world. I also understand what it means to live inside my imagination where all suffering is erased.

I help my clients elevate to the next level of living their best lives through self-love, reprogramming old subconscious beliefs, determination, and being true to the creator within them. I am also an empathetic energy healer and can connect with a person to erase pain and trauma. I am a gifted energy reader and can tap into a person's higher self, reading what is happening within them at the moment. I can do this for a specific person or for you specifically.


Sometimes just investing in ourselves, causes great change! I understand this may feel like a large investment, but imagine being with your specific person right now, at your wedding day, what would you give to be there? I know, I would have given a great deal to be with George when we were separated. In fact, I did give a great deal, in the form of self-care and investing in new ways to expand my mind and grow in all areas and I even hired a business coach. 

I know you can manifest anything, especially LOVE! You are destined for greatness and whether or not you invest in this course, I know you will succeed and have everything you desire because I said so. ;) 


Let’s recap what you will achieve with my course.

Incredible mind-blowing love.

Incredible mind-blowing self-concept of the person who has it all!

Incredible mind-blowing success in all areas of your life!

Incredible mind blowing out of this world bliss! 

The 21 videos, a 53-page workbook, 3-month manifesting calendar, guided visualizations, daily planner, 6 months access to my VIP group, 2 free meditations discounts on coaching are just a click away!! You deserve it! 

Buy now and get started on the greatest transformation you will EVER have! I love you!